At 3R Tiles, the focus of our work has always been on providing site specific metal roofing and siding tiles and panels of the highest calibre, so that you can create an architecture that inspires and endures.

We distinguish ourselves in the clarity of our tiling solutions across multiple scales and typologies, including commercial, residential and institutions.

The 3R Tiles creative team brings you innovation, artistry and attention to detail. Or put another way, as our client, you always receive the best we have to offer.

3R Tiles has been designing and manufacturing metallic tiles in the Eastern Townships since 2004. From its beginning focused on historical buildings, metal roofing was carried out in a traditional way and its growth was limited.

In 2010, following its acquisition by Stéphane D’Anjou, current owner and administrator, the company made a decisive move.

The new team then undertook the development of new tile geometrics and attended meetings with Quebec architects. During these meetings, we have sought to better understand their interests and architectural trends that are shaping up for the future.

In this process, 3R Tiles established a partnership with an American 3rd generation family, ATAS International, whose mission is similar with that of the architects.

This association enables the 3R team to diversify its offer by adding numerous models of architectural style metal panels. Better still, 3R Tiles can now add aluminum to the steel for manufacturing all its products, in addition to an exclusive high quality PVDF Colour Chart.

Throughout this evolution, the 3R team has been and seeks to continue being a company on a human scale offering its clients, mainly the architects, a personalized service, attentive listening and an open approach to new and different ideas.

The adventure continues, as does evolution.


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