The roof restoration of the Manoir BRP in Valcout is about to be finalized. The product is the Canadian style 3R tile 4-fold, aluminum 0.8mm, PVDF finish colour Silversmith Premium (28), coverage dimension 241mm x 527mm (9½” x 20¾”), 30 degrees staggered installation with starting flat sheet.

Construction of the new Innovative Vehicule Institute is going on in St-Jérôme. On the sidings, the 3R JAZZ tile, steel 24ga., PVDF finish colour Bone White (26), horizontal installation. The JAZZ tile is a rectangular shape tile, size 12″ x 24″, with leaning sides.

Residential project is going on in the Montreal area. On roof and siding, Diamond tile medium size, PVDF finish colour Classic Bronze (01).

Construction of the Elder house is going on in Sherbrooke. On many siding sections, Dutch Seam panel mix of models MRD194 and MRD110, aluminum 1.0mm. PVDF finish COPPER is a custom special colour.

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