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Weathering steel (Corten)


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The surface addition of a composition of copper, chromium, manganese and nickel gives the self-patinated steel (Corten) increased corrosion resistance, far superior to other types of steel. Subject to climatic variations, the material develops a forced oxidation layer of ocher color in various shades.

Standard equipment: 11 gauge (thickness 3/16 “)

* Other sizes upon availability


Cutting, drilling, folding, lettering and designs. Material ready for installation.

Pre-processing factory forced oxidation. Screws and stainless steel bolts required.

Tiles 3R offers a pre-painted steel 24 gauge whose surface finish is designed to mimic the appearance of a true weathering steel.

Note: not recommended salty environment installation. Contamination risk of materials in contact. Not compatible with galvanized steel or Galvalume and zinc. Compatible with stainless steel.

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