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Rectangular Tile (siding)


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Rectangular tile for siding. Concealed fasteners.

Installation : Horizontally, vertically, aligned or in staggered rows, on open framing or solid substrate.
Standard dimensions :

    Tile 2-fold (siding) lower relief

  • 9” x 21” (1.31 ft2).
  • 12” x 24” (2.00 ft2).
  • 15” x 36” (3.75 ft2).
    Tile 4-fold (siding and roofing) higher relief

  • 9½” x 20¾” (1.37 ft2).
  • 12” x 24” (2.00 ft2).
  • 15” x 36” (3.75 ft2).

Other dimensions are custom-made

Material : Pre-painted steel and aluminum, PVDF finish Kynar® 500 or Perspectra Series™, more than 40 available colours. Also available stainless steel, copper and Galvalume®. High resistance finish.

Rectangular 2 folds 9x21       Rectangular 4 folds 9.5 x 21.75         Rectangular 12x24           Rectangular 15x36

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