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Creative use of the 3R square tile on a residential project in Toronto. Tile made with steel 24ga., PVDF finish color Silversmith Premium (28), 45 degree installation. Hudson Architecture project.

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Residential project recently completed in Montreal with installation of the 3R square tile 4-fold at 45 degree on siding.  Material: steel 24ga. PVDF finish color Classic Bronze (01). ROCIOARCHITECTURE.

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The new 3R Trigon tile double geometry has recently been installed on a commercial building in Montreal. Material: steel 24ga. color Charcoal.

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The 3R tile model Eastern Townwhipper is being installed on sidings of a residential […]

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Residential building recently completed. On siding sections, installation of the […]

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The 3R Square tile 4-fold was recently installed on a curved siding. Material: aluminum […]

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The construction of a new pavillion at the Parc des Cèdres in Gatineau has recently […]

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Construction recently completed with the Pyramid tile, small size, mix of colors […]

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3R Tiles now offers a new shape of tile: the Trigon. The system is an assembly of […]

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