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  • Solar Tile (siding)

    Architectural solar siding tiles for pre heating of fresh air

    Solar heating air advantages

    • The use of a renewable energy source
    • The installation of 10 m2 of collectors avoids the production of 1 ton of CO2 per year
    • Solar air heating is perfectly suited to harsh and cold climates
    • The systems are adapted so that they do not freeze in the Winter and do not overheat in the Summer
    • Architectural integration is simple and easy
    • Solar air heating provides LEED points, which is a valuable asset when building green structures
    • The economical and sustainable heating solution
    • Any solar gain is a useful gain, thanks to its savings in fuel and energy, even in cloudy weather or little sun in Summer and Winter


    Product: Aluminium perforated tile. Concealed fasteners.

    Installation : Horizontally, vertically, aligned or in staggered rows, on open framing.

    Standard dimensions :

    2-fold Tiles

    • Rectangular 12” x 24”
    • Rectangular 15” x 36”
    • Square 13” x 13”

    4-fold Tiles

    • Diamond-shape medium size (13 5/16 wide x 20¾″ high)

    Other dimensions are custom-made

    Colors : Pre-painted aluminium, PVDF finish Kynar® 500: Black (02), Classic Bronze (01), Medium Bronze (03), Chocolate Brown (04). High resistance finish.

    Color chart 1

    Gesterra 5Gesterra 4

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Solar Tile (siding)

Architectural solar siding tiles for […]