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Weathering steel (CORTEN®) is used for several decades in building architecture, but it is gaining popularity in recent years.
The surface addition of a composition of copper, chromium, manganese and nickel gives it an increased resistance to corrosion, superior to other types of steel. Subject to climatic variations, the material develops a forced oxidation layer of ocher color in various hues.
The original material does not have this ocher color, but it is possible to force this outcome with some intensive treatment. Weathering steel (CORTEN®) progressing and durability is optimal in the North American continental climate.
The adhesion of the oxidation layer and the level of protection of body material are favored by alternating between wet and dry conditions, such as those of Quebec. Excellent resistance to rain, snow, ice in the urban environment.
Note: Not recommended salty environment installation. Not compatible with the galvanized steel or Galvalume and zinc. Compatible with stainless steel.
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