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HomeWhat makes 3R Tiles distinctive in architectural creativity ?

Aside from the quality of the material and the manufacturing factory process, Tuiles 3R wanted to offer its customers the ability to customize the architecture of any building by combining multiple shapes, patterns of poses and colours (see Special projects section).

In addition to reproduce with fidelity the metal roofs of old style, Tuiles 3R products allow unique contemporary design creations, without compromising the technical requirements of strength and sealing.

It is thus possible to blend several models of tiles on a same building by varying shades of colors, geometric shapes, dimensions of identical parts as well as the installation guidelines.

Exterior wall (wall covering, siding, attic) tiles may very well harmonize with other materials such as wood, brick, stone and glass.

These wall tiles can also be installed on walls or interior architectural structures to create a bold and unique design.

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