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HomeWhat is the distinctive choice 3R Tiles offers in perforated panels ?

Tuiles 3R offers you the widest choice of metal panels perforated on the market. Now, you are no longer limited in selection of products perforated for your architectural projects. The panels perforated of Atas International are grade aluminum. 032, 040 and .050. They are available in ten of configurations and six patterns of standard perforations (transparency of 23% to 51%). Perforation tailor-made schemes can also be manufactured. Factory aluminum foil is first perforated, then formed and finally processed and painted with PVDF KYNAR 500® or HYLAR 5000®. The color covers the inside of the walls of the holes. The back of the panel is treated and painted in primer or the same color as the front, on request.

All these configurations of panels are available in different patterns of holes (see Metal siding tiles section).

Tuiles 3R inc. ATAS Panneaux perforés 28-10-13

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