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HomeWhat makes metal roof far beyond asphalt shingle ?

The metal roofing covered most of our houses before World War II. Our most beautiful ancestral homes and our heritage churches are often covered with metallic roofings. During the war, the metal was requisitioned. The asphalt shingles, more economical, came in the following decades. However, its lifespan is much shorter, making it a product of temporary and more polluting facility.

The shingles are not or little recycled. Sensitive to UV light, they emit solvents in air, in particular under exposure to the sun. Most often black, they contribute to heat islands, i.e. the increase in temperatures in urban areas.

On the other hand, steel is a recyclable material at the end of life, which will be very long.

The Tuiles 3R metal roofing tiles have an interlocking system that prevents buckling of the roof by expansion and contraction during temperature changes. The system allows the tiles to move without buckling or pull on the screws. Your roof will retain its consistency and its seal despite the years (see Metal roofing tiles section)

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