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HomeHow PVDF Kynar 500® finish provides superior performance on metal roof and siding ?

Tuiles 3R offers you products in steel and aluminum painted with PVDF that provide superior durability and optimal resistance to cleaning of graffiti on sidings.

KYNAR 500® and HYLAR 5000® (PVDF) surface finishing products are currently the best treatment products for the siding and metal roof in aluminium and steel. All products from Atas International, Inc., and tile shapes of 3R Tiles are painted with PVDF.

Comparative tests with other finishing products have shown that the PVDF (KYNAR 500® / HYLAR® 5000) achieve better results at the level of resistance to UV rays, abrasion, fading, chemicals, solvents. This treatment also allows to clean stains and graffiti without leaving visible traces or damage the coating.

KYNAR 500® and HYLAR 5000® are compounds of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). PVDF is also used and tested in multiple industrial applications where the product is exposed to extreme variations in temperature as well as multiple chemical corrosive elements.

The comparative strength of the surface treatment of PVDF Kynar 500® was assessed in laboratory tests and exterior exposition to climatic conditions.. Among the results, PVDF has much better resisted to climate exposition and with testing solvent cleaning compared to Acrylic and Silicone-Polyester based products.


Photo above: Color changing of various paint finishes when exposed to climate condition.


Photo above: Friction resistance test using solvent cleaner products.


Dry film thickness: ASTM D 1005, ASTM D 1400, ASTM D 4138 or ASTM D 5796
Specular Gloss: ASTM D 523
Pencil Hardness: ASTM D 3363
T-Bend Flexibility: ASTM D 4145
Mandrel Bend Flexibility: ASTM D 522
Impact Resistance: ASTM D 2794
Adhesion: ASTM D 3359
Water Immersion Resistance: ASTM D 870
Abrasion Resistance: ASTM D 968
Acid Resistance: ASTM D 1308
Acid Rain Resistance (Kesternich): ASTM G 87 or DIN 50018
Salt Spray: ASTM B 117
Cyclic Salt Spray: ASTM D 5894 and ASTM D 5487
Humidity Resistance: ASTM D 2247
Accelerated Weathering: ASTM D 822 and ASTM G 155, ASTM G 151 or ASTM G 153
Color Retention, Florida Exposure: ASTM D 2244
Chalking Resistance: ASTM D 4214
Cleveland Condensing Cabinet: ASTM D 4585
Cure Test, MEK Resistance: ASTM D 5402
Alkali Resistance, Sodium Hydroxide: ASTM D 1308, Procedure 7.2
Flame Spread Rating: ASTM E 84
Organic coatings meet requirements of AAMA 2605 when applied to aluminum.

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