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HomeWhat is the advantage of patented Dutch Seam fastener ?

One of the problems related to the installation of metal (profile) panels on roofs and sidings is the oil canning. When the temperature changes, the metal panel expands and shrinks, which is normal. Most of the panels are screwed directly on the bridging of the roof along their length. For this reason, dilation could increase the oil canning. The oil canning is apparent and it promotes the formation of micro-cracks in the finish treatment. This problem accelerates ageing of the roof and degrades its appearance.

To reduce this problem, Tuiles 3R offers the Dutch Seam panel, which is equipped with a patented fasteners hidden sliding system. Through this mechanism, panel slides into the attachment system mounted on the roof or siding, allowing the panel to expand and contract freely during changes of temperature. Dutch Seam is available in steel and aluminum and its basis of PVDF (Kynar 500) surface treatment offers the best durability on the market. Dutch Seam can be installed on roofs as on sidings and is available in 40 colours.
Patented fasteners for absorption of the expansion of the panels (see Metal roofing tiles section).

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